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Carver Non-Woven Technologies is establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of structural, light weight and recyclable non-woven materials in North America.

Markets served include automotive, recreational vehicle, building & construction, office furniture and more.
Carver offers a wide variety of roll stock products for both thermoset and thermoplastic composites. These include single-fiber, multi-fiber and layered mats comprised of fiberglass, natural fiber, Kevlar and synthetic fibers.
Carver Non-Woven initially started operations to supply materials for the manufacture of automotive underbody shields. Using fiber products for this punishing application provides tremendous benefits compared to SMC and GMT materials.

Carver began production in July 2016. Since then the company has expanded to add additional production capabilities to produce a variety of products at significant volume.
Carver started manufacturing using new state of the art equipment with the most current technologies. This allows us to develop materials for applications requiring high impact strength, acoustical dampening, heat deflection and structural requirements in a single mat. Running a second line allows for the construction of a single web incorporating up to six different fiber types in two different layers that will subsequently be needled into a single finished product. The unique capability allows us to fully customize our non-woven products to meet customers’ needs allowing them to optimize for cost, weight and aesthetics. This enables customers to produce a final molded product that meets the most challenging application requirements.
Since our startup, we have been producing both synthetic and blends of synthetic and E-glass or natural fiber mats for our customers in several industries.
We see large growth in the non-woven industry, especially in regard to the need to reduce weight and retain engineering qualities in finished products across industries.

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